Newburyport, Massachusetts

Kettie S Charters in Newburyport Massachuwetts

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We specialize in creating charter experiences using the gear and techniques that suit you, your business associates, your friends or family. 

Captain Russ Laky and his boat

Captain Russ Laky began fishing at the ripe old age of five off the coast of Long Island. Introduced to the sport by his Father, he has since spent time fishing around the globe - from Maine to Florida, across the continental US (think rivers and lakes), the Caribbean, Australia, New Zealand, and Hawaii.

How are Kettie S Charters Different, what kind of fishing do we do?

Kettie S. Charters DOES fish when the fish are biting! We are often times headed back to the dock when other charters are just heading out. Vise versa in afternoon. There are few things better than sipping a hot coffee while heading to the fishing grounds and/or having a frosty beverage as the sun sets on a perfect day.

Our Newburyport Fishing charter options

We offer several types of trips, start times and each has its own pricing options. This is YOUR CHARTER and we specialize in customizing the trips to your needs and personal goals for the trip. Read more to learn about our pricing and trip options.


Kettie S. Fishing Charters is located on Boston's North Shore. The boat, a Parker 23 is moored on the Merrimack River, close to Newburyport, Salisbury Beach and Ipswich. We provide several types of trips to catch striped bass, bluefish, tuna, sharks, and lobsters. Call us today at 617-347-7877 to book a Newburyport fishing charter with us.